Kountry Pride Farms Sausage & Meats

Family Owned and Operated since 1996


Quotes We love your high quality, delicious meats, cheeses, spices, etc. Love that we can stock up on everything at great prices with your combo boxes. Love your customer service attitude, the customer is king at KPF. Love that you always listen to and find a way to say Yes to special requests. Love the great cooking advice. Love that everything in your store is sparkling clean. And we love that everyone on staff is super friendly & helpful. That's just for starters off the top of my head.. Quotes
Jaye R.
Exceeds Expectations By Far

Quotes Not only do your great products keep us coming back to Kountry Pride Farms, but it's also the friendly service you provide. We are always greeted with a big smile and treated like a valued customer... you dont see that in grocery stores. Quotes
Greg W.
Great Customer Service

Quotes It was only a week ago we had the most amazing, delicious, prime rib! Yummy! Thanks Kountry Pride Farms for consistently providing quality and fulfilling food, not to mention the warm welcome we always receive. Quotes
Dawn L.
Delicious Meats

Quotes I LOVE KPF first off because they have superior customer service and the meats, no matter what kind, are fantastic. I have recently stocked my spice rack with all their AMAZING SEASONINGS! Can't decide on a favorite bc they all have been delish! KPF ranks #1! Quotes
Patty Zimmerman

Quotes The quality of the meat is unbeatable, the staff offers friendly, personalized service and I get to shop local! I love giving my business to small business owners rather than the big box stores. And when I ask how to best cook something, I get rave reviews. Quotes
Pam Pfister

Quotes I love Kountry Pride for the high quality meat and the great friendly customer service. I love the specialty hot dogs. The mettwurst is out of this world. The beef summer sausage is the best I have ever had in my life. Excellent pork. Great tasting steaks. Hamburger is wonderful. I am sure I missed something. Well worth the drive. Oh yea, the fresh poultry for the holidays. Guess there are many reasons to like Kountry Pride. Always been treated well by the staff. Thank you for providing us with the high quality products and service. Quotes
Mike Kramer

Quotes We schedule our trips up north around Kountry Prides hours so we can stock up on KPF's great tasting Brats and sausages. The flavor is great, the homemade quality is fabulous and the good ole Wisconsin hospitality is second to none. Our kids and friends even our dog's are giving us shopping lists. KPF has something for everyone. Quotes
John Collins

Quotes I drive 40 miles round trip for their fantastic & super trim Amish chicken breasts, their friendly & informed staff & of course the specialty brats. Totally worth the drive. Quotes
Jennifer Kohler

Quotes I love Kountry Pride because they take great pride in the cuts of meat and products they sell plus their staff is always friendly and willing to help you! You're not just a number at KPF...they make you feel like family. They offer a wide variety of meats...steak, chicken, beef, pork, lamb and even some specialty meats you can't find anywhere. If you like your meat plain they have it, if you like something with some kick they have that too or maybe something will a unique flavor..you'll find it here. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from Kountry Pride. How could you grill or cook with meat from anywhere else. YOU GUYS ROCK! Quotes
Connie Hanson

Quotes I love KPF! I only buy meat from them. The quality of the meat is excellent and they always grill/cook up great! The store is very clean and the staff is always very helpful and courteous. Exceptional service everytime! Quotes
Jean Hutte
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