Kountry Pride Farms Sausage & Meats

Family Owned and Operated since 1996


Quotes Abbie at Kountry Pride is amazing. Her customer service is excellent. She helped me package a box to send to Virginia. The products here are awesome and I hope that they will start taking orders on their website and send items directly to me. This way I dont have to fly over 1000 miles to get mushroom and swiss brats! Quotes
Stephanie Tuttle LeBeck
Customer that flies 1,000 miles to get the Mushroom & Swiss Brat

Quotes What a nice and genuine man who runs this business. It sure is nice to shop somewhere where you feel appreciated and taken care of. Local business shopping is important to me but never have I felt so impressed by the owner of a business. Keep up the hard work, you have our business. Quotes
Brook Beardsley
Very impressed Customer

Quotes Had the bacon cheeseburger brats today that we bought yesterday.....perhaps the best brat I've ever had. The boys absolutely loved them. Best meat shop around. Can't wait to get the pork shoulders and fire up the smoker! Quotes
Mark Joel
Very Satisfied Customer!

Quotes Top rate!!! Meats are awesome, the customer service is 1st rate and you could eat off the floor it is so clean!! I wouldn't go any place else!!! Quotes
Teri Harrah-Angle
Top Rate Meat Shop!!

Quotes Kountry Pride has the best quality meats I have found anywhere. The variety of brats is unbelievable! Plus the customer service is superb! They work to assist with special requests and carry so many local products in addition to the meats. You just cannot go wrong buying here, and once you try them you will never want to go anywhere else. Quotes
Brenda Garza
Best quality meats!

Quotes Meats done the old fashioned way...always fresh...always just the way you want it trimmed or cut...chickens the way they should taste...brats to brag about...and the best porterhouse I have ever tasted (and I grew up on a dairy farm so have lot's of experience)....and did I mention Ken!...he is a special man and just what we need in our community. Go and browse the shop...you will come away pleased. Quotes
Eric Johnson
Very Satisfied Customer!

Quotes Although I live about 80 miles away, I have always found it well worth the trip to Kountry Pride Farms Sausage & Meats! I always stock up on my personal favorite brat - Mushroom & Swiss, but am also always impressed by the great selection of other brats and meats that owner Ken is able to provide. I have found that if you want a successful barbecue or cookout start with Kountry Pride Farms Brats, Sausages & Meats and you cannot go wrong! If your not sure what to pick from such a large selection just ask Ken or his helpful staff. They have never steered me wrong and make wonderful suggestions!!! Quotes
Edward Heimstreet
Extremely Satisfied Customer

Quotes Great pit stop on way to Packer games from South Dakota. Brats are great and stock up freezer for home. Quotes
SD Pack Fan

Quotes My brother-in-law stopped in to visit two hours after he bought the wonderful Kountry PRIDE swiss-mushroom brats. Ken, thank you for directing Dale properly!! They were best that I have ever had!! Quotes
Beverly Janota
Pride has been defined

Quotes Brother-in-law from Wyoming just stopped and shared his Swiss-Mushroom Brats with me. Outstanding - have not had any better! Now I now the meaning of the word Pride. Quotes
Beverly Janota
Pride in Kountry Pride is True